Archive – videos

Euphoria (Alberto as technical advisor and support, LONE company and Riksteatern circus production)

Ustopia (In2iT dance and circus new production)

Keep dreaming you - SVT film - Swedish Television (In2iT at SVT for HemmaKultur, Mireia as choreographer and artist)

Klädställningen (solo by the circus artists Regina Baumann) - Mireia Piñol as external eye support

Mireia as artist at ADHD with "Circus La Putyka"

Ustopia (more researches) - work in progress

Mireia as dancer at Innings with "Colectivo Lamajara"

Mireia as acrobatical movement assistant - Company Totum Teatre

Mireia as dancer at Sadler's Wells Wild Card with "Appel" - Company Decalage

Animus Box - Festival Test - children dance performance

Stragils (In2iT dance production directed by Mireia, acrobatic support by Alberto, collaboration with Swedish and International artists)

Co-direccion Garbuix: Guillem Albà and Alberto Feliciate

Invis (first research) In2iT production for deaf, hard of hearing and hearing children

Mireia's Choreography for the BA students at Balettakademien Folkuniversitetet

Alberto as acrobatical movement assistant  - Theater Company Felipe Casas

Ustopia (first research) - Sound, light and textile design first try outs

Alberto at the program of the Catalan TV - Tv3 (circus and science)


Premios de Santa Llucia - con Roberto Olivan



Am I - Mireia as choreographer for the BA students at Balettakademien Folkuniversitetet

Mireia as dancer at Swimmorphosis - Company Decalage